Thursday, August 15, 2013

A little gardening update

…from a blog in another part of the country that I follow for my #highered, whither-U & online learning network. Connecting networks - tear down the garden walls - is a current project. Everybody on them eats - and many garden. Re-blogging Steven Krause's here instead of the usual MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) posts on another blog, MOOC Madness, or composition and teaching writing on yet others
last year - getting established

Steven writes,
A break from all the MOOC posting (though I have another brief one of those in me I might get to yet today) to share a Flickr set and an update on the gardening for 2013. 
Part of what prompted me to post this  is this article I came across via the book of face,“Reclaiming the front yard with edible estates” from the public radio show The Splendid Table.   Basically, it’s a little story about a gardening/art project for turning front yards into food gardens. There are even plans for one garden that features an earthen bread/pizza oven. Hmm, maybe next year…. 
Anyway, a couple of quick observations: 
First, it all continues to be a huge hit with neighbors. When I’m out there doing stuff, people walking by routinely stop to chat, to say how much they like what we’ve done, etc. A few other people in the neighborhood have even given the front yard veggie garden a go for themselves. So it’s all very very good.  
Second, it grows quick ... Here’s the same view [as above] from almost exactly a year later:
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