Thursday, October 24, 2013

Top 10 food facts on #FoodDay

Union of Concerned Scientists
Top 10 Food Facts
Share your favorite science-based fact to show your support for a healthier food and farm system in honor of Food Day!
This Food Day, Share the Facts
Today is Food Day! To celebrate, I'm sharing a list of my "Top 10" favorite facts from recent UCS reports, including our brand new report, The Healthy Farmland Diet.

The Healthy Farmland Diet is the first economic analysis of its kind to show how increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables would not only be healthier for our bodies, but also healthier for the environment and local economies. This report also demonstrates how modest government investments can remove obstacles standing in the way for consumers and farmers to reach this goal.

So tell me: what's your favorite science-based food fact? Use the links below to share it on Twitter to show your support of a healthier food and farm system! You can also share all 10 facts on Facebook or by forwarding this email.

1. Healthy farms=win-win-win for health/well being of people, economies & natural resources we all depend on

2. Sales of locally grown food now total $5 BILLION/year.

3. Modest public investments in ~500 farmers markets/year could create >13K jobs over 5 years

4. Got (organic) milk? #Organic dairies = better for environment, consumer health & regional economies.

5. Shifting policy from supporting junk food to fruits/veg could save $17B in health costs
6. Burger with a side of...pills?  >70% of antibiotics sold in US are used in animal agriculture.

7. Only 2% of US cropland is devoted to fruit/veg. Time for smarter gov't policies.

8. If Americans ate fruit/veg according to @myplate, US production of fruit/veg would increase by 88%.

9. Just 1 more serving of fruits/vegetables could save >30K lives/yr.

10. Scientists have shown that cover crops can reduce nitrogen groundwater pollution by 40-70%

As you can see, we've got the facts on our side AND we're making progress because of it. Just last week, we delivered a petition from more than 18,000 UCS supporters to House leadership urging them to proceed with the Farm Bill. They listened, and the Farm Bill process is now moving ahead. Moreover, President Obama listed the Farm Bill as one of his three near-term priorities.

With all of this, we've got a lot to be excited about—and a lot of work to do. Join us, and this Food Day, share your favorite fact now for a healthier food and farm system!
Ashley Elles
Ashley Elles
National Field Organizer
Food & Environment Program
Union of Concerned Scientists