Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reese's Ice Cream Cake

…it's still National Ice Cream Month. Ice cream, cake, chocolate. Win-win-win. Besides, I wanted to make sure I didn't miss posting a cake something before the fmonth ran out. This is not from a high end cake site that makes you think, too much trouble, I'll never do that, but from *Instructables (the any and everybody can do site), submitted by kristylynn84 who writes...

The Reese's Ice Cream Cake. Brownie. Better than cake and better than ice cream. Occasionally, this sinfully sweet, rich, soft, chewy, flavorful and chocolaty cake arrives on our birthdays.  Your favorite bite will be a cool slide of the cake from your fork, into your mouth, crunch through the magic...

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* about Instructables: a web-based documentation platform where passionate people share what they do and how they do it, learn from and collaborate with others. You will find not just recipes but DIY pages for toys, gadgets, tips and stuff for the garden, furniture, knitting and sewing, storage areas and containers, tech,home improvement, appliance repaie and more. For example, how to build a yurt is today's featured project. Something for another blog, places along the way or McGee's Closet (under development)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to make ice cream in a coffee can

…because it's still National Ice Cream Month. Step-by-step instructions to make ice cream in a coffee can. I kid you not. 

40 Best Ice-Cream Desserts

because July is National Ice Cream Month. We're starting late, so you will have to eat more ice cream to catch up... do your best.

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40 Best Ice-Cream Desserts
40 Best Ice-Cream Desserts
Scoop up these delicious recipes for homemade ice cream and ice-cream cakes, pies, and sandwiches for your next summer party.
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Homemade Ice Cream
No-Cook Ice Cream
Ice-Cream Sandwiches

86 Top-Rated Desserts


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dreamy Vintage 7-Up Cake

The recipe is vintage, not the cake. Do you remember 7-up cake? I haven't it mentioned in ages but remember my father talking my mother into creating a root beer cake. Better than beer milkshake, which was (or so they said at Sud's and Olga's) better than it sounds. But that's another story. Make it with lemon ice cream and call it shandy shake. Still another story. Back to with the cake. I'm naming the cake section, "Just for Jude," not that she'd have much truck with a "lo-cal" cake/

Cool and refreshing, this 7-Up cake has the makings of a perfect ending to a summer supper. Thanks to Foodista member: Nancy Fox, the citrus flavors are ramped up a bit more by the addition of 7-Up. What a fun way to make this low cal dessert!

Nancy mentions that this delight is actually from the 50's; a time when dessert was on every table. She makes a lovely decorative finish, with the pretty glaze and lemon/lime slices. So lovely.

Dreamy Vintage 7-Up Cake from Foodista

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Muffuletta Sandwich From Central Grocery, NOLA

Food is memory, reconnecting us to time and place. HT Digital Storytelling- Road Trip Part I by Brandy_Erdmann, CMC11

The muffuletta consists of one Italian muffuletta bread loaf split horizontally in half and covered with marinated olive salad and layers of capiocola, salami, mortadella, emmental cheese and provolone cheese. And it’s huge.

Central sells the sandwich by the half or the whole and the whole is for sure enough for two people. The olive salad is the key to the sandwich and is made of olives, celery, cauliflower and carrot. Combine all that, mix in seasonings and olive oil and let it sit for a day or more.

More at Muffuletta Sandwich From Central Grocery. Doesn't it make you want to order one and eat it right now? What about a NOLA Muffaletto vs Po-Boy smackdown?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Food has gotten cheaper — but at what cost?

Those great bargains at the big box markets may not be as good as they look. Money is not the only cost. When calculating those, factor in health, environment, jobs, wages, working conditions, and even (maybe especially) the unquantifiable social and psychic costs of factory farming.  Tom Laskawy at Grist writes, 

I’ve noticed that quite a few Grist readers have been struck by our coverage of shockingly high food prices in Inuit communities in Canada’s far north. It’s less a story of life in extreme lands than the culmination of a historical destruction of indigenous peoples’ traditional foodways combined with a conservative government’s unwillingness to help them adapt. Photo by Nick Castonguay.

How appropriate then that NPR’s Planet Money, as part of its Graphing America series, should look at how America’s food spending has changed over the last 30 years. The headline figure — the one Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack is proudest of — is that we spend just under 9 percent of our income on food, about 30 percent less than we did in 1982.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

'Cue Awards: Best BBQ Joints, Sauces & More

I'm still working on plans for Everybody Eats, just added it social media / feed syndication network. Blogkeeping includes more about plans, editing newsreel and video bar, adding a few feeds, etc, putting out a call for suggestions, etc. A cake section Just for Jude is a must... 

Southern Living Newsletter

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Everything Cookie Recipe

from "another Everybody Eats" ~  the One World Everybody Eats Foundation ... more pictures at Food Gallery Slideshow
The One World Everybody Eats Foundation is a "family" of community kitchens are making a difference Together, all of the community kitchens serve approximately 820,000 meals a year to community members.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jackass Jaw Bone Wine Bottle Holder is a Sliver Spectacle

Welcome to an opening salvo of sorts for a blog reload. The blog formerly known as Mountainair Farm and Market Garden (discontinued) is now reloaded as Everybody Eats, fed by many related feeds otherwise languishing. The name has been (and still may continue as) a community blog category covering anything food related ~ gardening, growing your own, locavore, eat local, sustainability, recipes, etc. Everybody Eats, the blog, will be more eclectic and extend its range even further to include history, culture, anthropology, symbolism, rituals, festival and celebrations, art, film, literature, opinion ... and of course, my favorite, oddities (example below). It may not fly but let's give it a try. 

Jackass Jaw Bone Wine Bottle Holder The Jackass Jaw Bone Wine bottle holder from Industrial Rewind is a bottom jaw painted silver that holds your bottles in an eclectic way. The jaw's silver teeth are reminiscent of a cavity-filled mouth.

For another cool wine bottle holder, check out the Rattlesnake wine bottle holder.

Jackass Jaw Bone Wine Bottle Holder is a Sliver Spectacle. More (including recipes) from Foodista