Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jackass Jaw Bone Wine Bottle Holder is a Sliver Spectacle

Welcome to an opening salvo of sorts for a blog reload. The blog formerly known as Mountainair Farm and Market Garden (discontinued) is now reloaded as Everybody Eats, fed by many related feeds otherwise languishing. The name has been (and still may continue as) a community blog category covering anything food related ~ gardening, growing your own, locavore, eat local, sustainability, recipes, etc. Everybody Eats, the blog, will be more eclectic and extend its range even further to include history, culture, anthropology, symbolism, rituals, festival and celebrations, art, film, literature, opinion ... and of course, my favorite, oddities (example below). It may not fly but let's give it a try. 

Jackass Jaw Bone Wine Bottle Holder The Jackass Jaw Bone Wine bottle holder from Industrial Rewind is a bottom jaw painted silver that holds your bottles in an eclectic way. The jaw's silver teeth are reminiscent of a cavity-filled mouth.

For another cool wine bottle holder, check out the Rattlesnake wine bottle holder.

Jackass Jaw Bone Wine Bottle Holder is a Sliver Spectacle. More (including recipes) from Foodista

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