Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dreamy Vintage 7-Up Cake

The recipe is vintage, not the cake. Do you remember 7-up cake? I haven't it mentioned in ages but remember my father talking my mother into creating a root beer cake. Better than beer milkshake, which was (or so they said at Sud's and Olga's) better than it sounds. But that's another story. Make it with lemon ice cream and call it shandy shake. Still another story. Back to with the cake. I'm naming the cake section, "Just for Jude," not that she'd have much truck with a "lo-cal" cake/

Cool and refreshing, this 7-Up cake has the makings of a perfect ending to a summer supper. Thanks to Foodista member: Nancy Fox, the citrus flavors are ramped up a bit more by the addition of 7-Up. What a fun way to make this low cal dessert!

Nancy mentions that this delight is actually from the 50's; a time when dessert was on every table. She makes a lovely decorative finish, with the pretty glaze and lemon/lime slices. So lovely.

Dreamy Vintage 7-Up Cake from Foodista

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