Saturday, January 22, 2011

Farmers Market Meeting, Friday, Jan 21, 2011

Notes on Organizing Meeting concerning a Farmers Market in Mountainair – Friday, Jan 21, 2011, 10 AM at Alpine Alley, submitted by Joan Bybee

Attending: Nancy Stone, Vanessa Vaile, Kay Stillion, Linda Filippi, Kristine Lauritsen, Rebecca Lueras, Celeste Simon, Kathy Davies, Joan Bybee, Addie Draper, Susan Bunnell, Monica Gallion, Nick Franks.

Called to order at 10 am.                                                                                            
  • Nancy suggests setting up subcommittees to get organized.
  • Should we join the NM Farmers Marketing Association?
  • Conference put on by the NM Farmers Marketing Association in Santa Fe on Feb 11-12. Free to 2 members
Rules and regulations Nick, Moni, Addie
  • ‘Vendors must be appropriately licensed’ We should keep copies of the licenses. We should make information available to vendors on what licenses or permits are required.   We need to know as well.
  • Health certificate for food preparation.
  • Local or statewide?
  • Mix of vendors? Local farmers matched with craftspeople.
  • Fee for vendors? Could be different for craftspeople vs. food producers?
  • Budget committee needed.
  • Expenses: sign, marketing, porta-potty, supplies.
  • Market manager for the day, starting time, quitting time, cleanup, licensing, collection of fees, maintaining order, enforcing rules and regs.
Intent? Mission statement. 
  • General statement that might make us eligible for the lodger’s tax. 
  • Tourism has to be in there. 
  • Bring things to market to test products.  
  • Trading as part of the mission
  • How about other organizations advertising at the market? We can’t exclude groups.

(Subcommittee formed, Vanessa Vaile)

Operational Decisions
Sub Committee for Operational Needs (where and when etc. ~ Kristine Lauritzen, Rebecca Lueras)
  • B Street Market parking lot. 16 vendors could fit in this lot, but not vehicles.
  • Street outside city hall? Do we need a license?
  • Church camp?
  • Restrooms/porta-potties will be fixed expense
  • When are other markets open? What is the season? May or June? Start up

Recruitment sub-committee (Addie, Nancy, Kathy Davies) + Linda Filippi to contact churches via Christian Alliance

Sub-Committees Formed
Mission statement: Vanessa
Budget: Nancy, Joan, Susan
Grower/vendor recruitment: Addie, Nancy, Kathy Davies, Linda Filippi (churches)
Rules and regulations and permits: Nick, Moni, Addie
Operational needs: Christine, Rebecca

Publicity: Kristine L, Christine Franks and Vanessa  (include idea of vendor product experimentation)

Discussion - administrative details
  • Name: Growers? Gardeners?  Farm and Garden Market
  • Put announcement in church bulletins. Linda will contact ministers. Contact person for local farmers: Rebecca
  • Do we join the New Mexico Farmers Market Association? Yes. Nancy will sign us up at the state organization. 
  • Meeting frequency?  Every week? As needed?
  • Next meeting: Feb 4 Friday, 10 AM, Alpine Alley Back Room  Bring results of your research

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