Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weather impact on farmers' markets & other challenges

Not just here - hot and dry - but everywhere. Sometimes it is too much rain rather than none at all. Too hot. Not hot soon enough. Run a Google search for "weather + farmers markets. 

Today an Ohio news station, on of many, reports on the weather impact on farmers' market
"Delay in crops: extreme weather is a growing concern for farmers who make money off summer crops. The spring rain and summer heat has affected sweet corn and a few other crops.

Farmers have to take advantage of what mother nature provides. The amount of rain and heat not only impacts what you may see at a farmers' market but when you may see it there as well."

Farmers' Market Today asked 1200 vendors and managers to name the top three challenges they face and summarizes the results along with comments. Results and comments are interesting and well worth reading. Growing produce and growing a market are weather dependent. The challenges, market and vendor, are interlocking and inseparable.

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