Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Friday, April 1 meeting

Nancy Stone writes to remind steering committee members of Friday's meeting. Forms linked below will also be added to those on the Facebook Market page, in Notes 
Don't forget the meeting on Friday at 10 AM is at the Shaffer meeting room.  See agenda below for your review. Additions are welcome: we'll add them wherever they fit.  

I developed two forms also for your review.  In addition to the Vendor Agreement and Market Rules, there is also a checklist of things to do for the Manager of the Day. Add anything here as well.  The other is a Daily Report form for the Manager of the Day to fill out at the end of the market day. New Mexico Farmers Marketing Association requires an end of the year report which will be easy to do if we complete this form after each market.  It's really just number of vendors, customers and estimated sales.
We could use a 3-ring binder if anyone has a spare to add to the computer carrying case for binder, forms and cash. The binder will be for vendor applications and licenses etc. 
Bring agenda and the forms for us to discuss. If you want to join us for breakfast at 9 AM, please come to the restaurant.




Shaffer Meeting Room, April 1, 2011, 10 AM

1.     Home-Processed Food Training Follow Up – Decision on Need for Further Training

2.     Getting the Word Out for Produce Vendors

3.     Advertising Budget

4.     Market Manager Duties

-Schedule for Manager Volunteer and Responsibilities

·       Calendar with Sign Up Dates

·       Responsibility to find replacement

-Binder for Manager to include:

·       List of Duties

·       Manager's Form for each Date of Farm and Garden Market for NMFMA Reporting

·       Rules and Regulations

·       Forms for Vendors and for Storage w/License

·       Cash Bag

·       Deposits 

5.     Bank Account

6.     Market Day Set-Up

·       Table/Chair for Manager

·       Transfer of Binder

·       Banner

·       Cones 

7.      Other News, Ideas or Concerns


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