Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Prelude to Friday's Meeting

 ... of the #Mountainair Farm & Garden Market Steering Committee, 10 am at the Shaffer Hotel meeting room.  Please check agenda in previous post.

Market Locations
another NM Farmers Market: we're not there yet but soon

If you plan to attend but missed the last meeting or just have a keen civic interest in following the development of our new farmers market,  we recommend you review the February Farm and Garden Market Meeting Notes by Joan Bybee from our last scheduled meeting, Feb 18, 2011. Please be advised that these are just notes and, not having been approved, not yet official minutes.

I had hoped Kristine Lauritsen, who is also on the publicity committee and co-administrator of the would post notes about the March 23rd "training" as she was there. My observations would be from the periphery and not 1st hand. There will be a brief recap at the meeting, on the agenda, so catch it at the meeting or wait for the notes. 

Notes from the January 21 organizing meeting are also available here on the Market website. Notes from the February 4 meeting are also available. That should catch us up on notes, although a future reference post or sidebar feature with links to notes, handouts, rules, checklists, forms and such might be good feature to add here. Vendor Application and Rules are already available in the Notes section on our Facebook page

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