Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TODAY: #Mountainair Farm & Garden Market meeting

.. Tuesday May10 at the Shaffer Hotel (conference room), 5:30 pm, Steering Committee Chair Nancy Stone writes, 

Mountainair Farm & Garden Market

Congratulations to us all.  Our first Farm and Garden Market was very well received, truly successful and quite a community event !!  We thought it a good idea to meet togeher for a quick evaluation and to get a consensus on needs, concerns and possible changes.  Gather your thoughts and ideas and come to share and improve our market.

The original time and location of our follow-up meeting has been changed to accomodate more people.  It will now be at the Shaffer Hotel conference room at 5:30 PM.  Susan Brazil from City Hall may be attending to discuss city concerns about time, parking etc.  Please come so we can collectively make decisions and address concerns and alternatives.
Thanks to all of you for your ideas and energy.  Every new venture has its ups and downs, and we just need to be flexible to accomodate change.

Ed note:  a more detailed report will be forthcoming on the Mountainair 
Farm and Garden Market page. In the meantime, treat yourself to the opening day pictures on our Facebook page; also don't miss Kristine Lauritsen's  photos here, here and here, as well as a few at the MMAC Facebook page

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