Wednesday, April 10, 2013

'Feast' Online Community Cooking Classes

CookingMashable…not what you'd think as your go-to source for learning how to cook.  Sounds like there are others too (of course there would be, even if just counting recipes on YouTube and Instructables). Not a free online course either…but they can't all be. Still, that sounds like another category for Everybody Eats to explore.

We're not all cut out to be master chefs, and culinary school isn't for everyone. But if you're tired of making mac and cheese in the microwave, taking an online cooking course might just be your kitchen savior. 
David Spinks ate McDonald's and not much else for most of his life, then decided to make a change. His solution: founding an online cooking school. Spinks created Feast to find his way around the kitchen and provide a community cooking platform for other culinary novices. 
Feast's goal is to help "the most average schmoe ... become a more confident, badass cook," but also to connect users with other students taking the course. 

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