Friday, April 26, 2013

Gardening at Night: An ode to the growing season

…with a nod to the #Mountainair Community Garden, working, meeting and planning this coming Saturday at Mountain Arts on Broadway…

 Most gardeners are just coming out of their deep planning phase, wrapping up dark months of poring through seed catalogs like plant porn. 

I’d hate to admit it, but it looks like my yard has it’s own Rule 43.

April, as T.S. Eliot so smartly put it, is the cruelest month. If he were a New Mexico gardener, Eliot might include February, March and the early part of May as well. They’re all cruel for the same reasons: A warm day or two makes gardeners start to change their normal routes to ones nearer to Osuna Nursery....And, invariably, everyone with dirt under their fingernails experiences fear and pangs of regret at mistiming their plantings—as the last freeze of the year splinters those snap peas, turns tomato seedlings to trash and withers even the weeds. Even the spirit of Ben Franklin working with Dr. George Fischbeck couldn't accurately predict the last freeze.

Read the rest of Gardening at Night: An ode to the growing season by iBrendan Doherty n the April 25 Weekly Alibi

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