Thursday, May 9, 2013

10-layer roasted vegetable salad

…for those not that into grazing raw vegetables. Salads don't have to be 100%  raw. This one looks interesting. With the Mountainair Farm & Garden Market now open (even if reports do run to information skimpy and content lite) and the community garden (no link, FB page not being maintained) getting busy, it's time for Everybody Eats to get with it too.  Farmer market and community garden posts will appear here, on Mountainair Online (the blog) and, to a lesser extent, iCreate ~ all syndicated to Mountainair Online (the Facebook page). Enough already...onto the salad course…

Every single bite of this salad is a new and wonderful flavor combination, depending on what lands on your fork. The delightful mix of roasted vegetables, beans, crispy lettuce, crunchy toasted almonds, smooth avocado and tangy feta cheese -- all combined with a dressing of garlic, honey and spices -- is an incredibly tasty and healthy feast.

There are a few steps to making this salad, but it comes together quickly....This recipe is adapted from The Fresh & Green Table by Susie Middleton.

Continuea at 10-layer roasted vegetable salad [Vegetarian] : TreeHugger

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