Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gardening video: planting sweet corn

how does your garden grow? From #communitygarden novices to experienced home kitchen gardeners, farmers market growers, professionals and permaculturists…'tis  the season when thoughts turn to gardening. Claunch-Pinto and Torrance County Extension have been collaborating in gardening workshops. Since the June workshop has been postponed and the series on hiatus with Gene Winn recovering from hip surgery, perhaps we all can help fill the gap here with videos, resources and gardening tips. Topics and recommendations invited.


In today's episode you and I will plant Ambrosia Sweet Corn. Join me in the garden for a slightly different method of planting corn for a stronger healthier plant. Stay tuned for many updates on this. Hopefully it ends with me grilling fresh corn on the barbeque this summer. 
Gardeners also share tips on the Facebook page. Here's an interesting one that reminds us how much gardening is the ultimate recycling:
"I am growing potatoes in horse feed bags. They are doing great so far. I rolled the bag all the way down to start, added straw in the bottom then a layer of soil enriched with compost, planted and now as they grow I am alternating straw and soil."

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