Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Good for your Garden: Compost

…something for #Mountainair's home & #communitygarden/ers & local growers, especially in the conspicuous absence of either art council as information manager for new community garden consortium or local farmers market updating information or refreshing online content. Normally, Claunch-Pinto SWCD and Torrance County Extension pick up that slack, but the very popular gardening workshop series are on temporary hiatus until Gene Wynn recovers from recent surgery. 

After starting a Community Garden playlist and subscribing to gardening channels, I then forgot to add videos to the playlist. I now stand reminded and have just added more videos, subscribed to more channels...

Notes from Praxxus
  • Is my compost done breaking down?
  • Why are mushrooms growing in my compost?
  • Flies, maggots and strange bugs are in my compost! Is that bad?
  • What is the difference between steeped and brewed compost tea?
  • How do I use compost tea?
  • Does chlorinated water kill the bacteria?
  • Why does my tea stink? Is it useable?
Join me at the compost pile for a quick helpful episode that answers some of the most common compost and compost tea questions. Feel free to ask your questions and I will try to answer them in the comment section. 

PS: Join me next time for a very important announcement that will change the programming.

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