Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meet the Vendors

Eventually our #Mountainair #farmersmarket page will include a separate "meet the vendors" section with even more about our regular vendors, including bio, vendor or artist statement, description of wares, farm or studio information, contact information, links, images, etc. The listings can also be duplicated in the Notes section of Mountainair Farm & Garden Market on Facebook. Until then, this basics list from Kristine will do nicely. If any vendors would like more added to their list, please send the whatever more my way,, "Vendor Listing" in subject line.

Moni's decorative plants adorn Rock Motel pavilion

Monica Gallion, Moni's Organic Greens: vegetable plants and flowers if all goes as planned; plants will either be one gallon or 6 pacs; cut flowers for Mother's Day.

Ruth Ballen,"The Wayard Elf": selected handcrafted wares including Snake Scarves; Puff Fabric Bangle Bracelets; Hand-Painted Gourds; Small Oil Paintings; and more.

High Desert Eats: Mountainair-Grown Fresh & Dried Herbs; Rosemary Grilling Scewers & Smoking Wands; High Desert Pup Tarts (home-made doggie bicuits); Sugar Pie Pumpkin Starts (young plants); and more.

Eva Pereira and the St. Vincent de Paul Volunteers will hold a "Sopapilla Making Demonstration", suggested donations only.
Celeste Simon, Mixed Media: Assemblages; Small Paintings; Ceramic & Bead Work; and more.

Mary Childers of Alpine Alley Coffee Shop: introduction of newest "surprise" menu addition; beverages and ready-to-eat items.

The Mountainair Community Garden: Tomato Plants, Seeds, and Onion Sets.

The Mountainair Chamber of Commerce: an information booth to distribute promotional materials.

Karen Lessard, Mountainair Ranger District: booth for fire awareness, safety, and preparedness information, as well as general hiking, camping, etc.

Barbara Chung may have a permit to offer prepared food by opening day, and Kathy Bauer may have a craft booth. Live music by Kay Stillion, Mountainair PS band and music program students under the direction of Virginia Hinds, and we hope, Lenora Romero

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