Monday, April 4, 2011

Meeting Notes: 4/1/2011

Shaffer Meeting Room, April 1, 2011, 10 AM

2010 Sunflower Festival, photo by Dennis Fulfer
Make our Market Day look like this!

1.     Home-Processed Food Training Follow Up – Decision on Need for Further Training
·       Barbara Chung, Rebecca Lueras, Monica Gallion will take the “actual” training
·       Barbara Chung will follow up with Bill Chavez about scheduling and will let us know
·       Barbara drafted a letter to our State Representative concerning the challenges to getting the Home-Processed Certificate and recommending changes. She will seek signatures.

2.     Getting the Word Out for Produce Vendors
·       We all must work hard during April to contact, inform and persuade producers and other prospective vendors throughout the county and beyond.  This market must have produce with vendors to be successful.  Publicity and word of mouth is necessary to bring in sellers.
·       Rebecca volunteered to set up outside the Post Office to advertise the market.  A list of the permits, certificates etc. necessary for market vendors will be prepared.

3.      Advertising Budget
·       We have a small grant from NM Farmers Marketing Association for promotion
·       LAST MINUTE INFORMATION – We also received funds from the Mountainair Lodgers Tax account to spend on promotion and publicity.  If you have valid ideas for spending these funds, let me know, and we’ll present to Steering Committee.
·       Plans now are to print flyers and posters, buy a banner and develop more ideas.  Kristine Lauritsen will get the banner ($60) and will coordinate printing of more posters.

4.     Market Manager Duties
·       We need volunteer market managers for each day of the market.  The market cannot function without someone willing to take the responsibility.
·       A calendar has been established and we need more people to volunteer for empty spaces.
·       You can download attached calendar, write in your name on a date, save it and return it to Steering Committee Chair Nancy Hand as an attachment so she can to maintain a master calendar and distribute to each person OR just let her 0know when you can work and she’ll write it in.
·       It will be your responsibility to find a replacement in the event you can’t make it.  A list of the steering committee with telephone numbers will be sent out again.
·       It would be desirable to have a permanent market manager but we have no funds to pay anyone.  Monica will contact Sherry Bean who ONCE expressed interest.

 A yellow binder and a black briefcase for the Manager will  include:
·       List of Duties
·       Manager’s Form for each Date of Farm and Garden Market for NMFMA Reporting
This form is really all the paperwork necessary.  It includes # of vendors, estimated # of customers and estimated gross sales along with manager’s name and date.  It has been suggested that manager walk around at the end of the market day and ask vendors to write down their sales on a piece of paper and put in a container.  It can be anonymous and is only used for reporting at the end of the season.
·       Rules and Regulations to hand out to Vendors
·       Vendor applications and plastic sleeves to store applications and copies of License
·       Cash Bag for money collected
·       Deposits from the day of the Market should be made directly to MyBank using the enclosed deposit slips.  The confirmed deposit slip from MyBank should be attached to the Manager’s Form for the Day.
·       Briefcase w/binder must be transferred to the next Manager of the Market or make arrangements to get it to the next Manager.

5.     Bank Account
·       Set-up at MyBank in Mountainair under Mountainair Farm and Garden Market.  Susan Bunnell and Nancy Stone can write approved checks.

6.     Market OPENING Day Set-Up – Cinco de Mayo Celebration/Opening Day
·       Kristine Lauritsen and Rebecca Lueras will coordinate
·       Should have Table/Chair for Manager or bring your own
·       Cones from the City will be available to block out general space for vendors
·       Music and other activities will be scheduled.

7.      Other News, Ideas or Concerns



 Submitted by Nancy Stone, meeting notes by Joan Bybee. Ed. Note: forms referred to above are or will be available on this page as well as on our Farm & Garden Market Facebook page

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